Jacob Zemon

Birth Name Jacob Zemon [1] [2a] [3a] [4] [5]
Gramps ID I376
Gender male
Age at Death 39 years, 3 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth May 1864 Russia Birth of Jacob Zemon

[6] [7]
Birth 1868 Marijampolė, Lithuania Birth of Jacob Zemon

Immigration 1885   Immigration of Jacob Zemon

Emigration 1882 Marijampolė, Lithuania Emigration of Jacob Zemon

Immigrated 1882 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland Immigrated of Jacob Zemon

Event Note

7/1/2008: I am unsure where I got the immigration date.

[8] [1]
Naturalization 13 October 1892 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Naturalized before the Superior Court of Cook County

Residence from 1885 to 1892 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Residence of Jacob Zemon

Residence from 1896 to 1903 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland Residence of Jacob Zemon

Occupation from 1902 to 1903 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland Restaurant owner

Death 5 August 1903   Death of Jacob Zemon



Father Dawid Zyman [I414]
  1. Nathan W. Zemon [I412]
  2. Chaja Rocha Zyman [I0457]


Married Wife Jennie ? [I377]
  1. Rachel Zemon [I378]
  2. Abraham J. Zemon [I379]
  3. Samuel Zemon [I0433]
  4. Solomon Zemon [I416]


Date Street Locality City State/ Province County Postal Code Country Phone Sources
  9 W. Bamden St. Baltimore City MD                



The Matrimonial Swindle

Jacob Zemon, M. Zamontowsky, and S. Samtowsky, the three men charged with conspiracy to defraud Charles Rosenberg out of $40 which he had paid with the understanding that he was to be married to a buxom young Hebrew maiden and only succeeded in getting the laugh when he had been married to a freckle-faced boy, were arrested by Officers Abrado and Miller and taken before Justice Glennon yesterday morning. The presecuting witness had not been notified o fthe arrests and the cases were continued until Ja. 25, the defendants being placed under bonds of $300.

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Brief Mention. News Items Gathered from All Quarters of the City [Illegible] (News Article)
Date: 1892-01-20; Paper: Inter Ocean, published as: The Daily Inter Ocean

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  1. Dawid Zyman
    1. Nathan W. Zemon
    2. Chaja Rocha Zyman
    3. Jacob Zemon
      1. Jennie ?
        1. Rachel Zemon
        2. Abraham J. Zemon
        3. Samuel Zemon
        4. Solomon Zemon