Email from Gloria Goodman to Wayne Zemon, 15 Sept. 2002

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Dear Wayne,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am sending you hard copies of the information I have so far. It is only an assumption that Jacob had two wives. The following contradicts this. I have the story of the fire and the Baltimore Sun article states:

"Mr. Zemon was born in Miriampol, Russia in 1868. He came to Baltimore when a small boy and opened a small lunch room on High Street. For a short time he kept a restaurant next door to Kernans Monumental theatre. During the last eight years he has conducted the Bell Lunch Room. He was well known among all the men employed along the wharf."

Also in the Baltimore Sun article:

"From Mr. Dill, whose injuries did not prevent him from conversing freely, much was learned about Mr. Zemon and his private affairs. The proprietor of the eating house it appears, was born in Russia, and got information during the past week that he is heir to more than $15,000. His father, who was a wealthy land owner, died, leaving his estate to his two sons. The brother who shares in the inheritance is now in New York State. Mr. Zemon has been in business in Baltimore for eight years. He is married and has four children."

Also, in the letter from the lawyer to Abraham, he states:

"My Dear Abraham:

Referring to you letter of July 18th, I have a faint recollection of some Estate left by your Grandfather David at Miriampol, Lithuania.

His children consisted of two sons from the first wife, you late father and your Uncle Nathan, also a daughter of the second wife by the name of Ethel.


This being a matter over thirty years ago, I do not remember whether there was any Trusteeship in connection with it.

In order to close the Estate, they had to obtain the release from the two heirs in this country and there must have been some consideration given to them at that time for the releases of their interest.

His second wife, "Tebe" has been dead a long time, and the daughter Ethel got married shortly afterward. During war time, they were driven from pillar to post and landed at Minsk, Russia. I do not know where she resides now.

As for the Estate, I do not know what it consisted of, nor have I or any of the Keidan family any money or valuables belonging to the Estate of the late David Zemon of Miriampol.

So, Jacob's brother, Nathan, moved from Baltimore to New York State. My question is, does anyone have any information about Nathan?

Whatever the case, this has been a fascinating journey and I have a feeling there is a connection and plan to keep working on it.

Best regards and a happy, healthy New Year.

Gloria Goodman (mother of Stacy and Tom Zemon)

Wayne, please send me your full email address.


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