Joseph Levy

Birth Name Joseph Levy [1]
Gramps ID I181
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 1891 New York, New York, USA Birth of Joseph Levy

[2] [1]
Occupation 28 April 1910   Shipping clerk at a collars factory

Death UNKNOWN   Death of Joseph Levy



Father Jacob Levy [I175]
Mother Tillie Jacobson [I174]
  1. Hyman Levy [I241]
  2. Sarah Levy [I179]
  3. Ethel Levy [I113]
  4. Samuel Levy [I178]
  5. Peter Levy [I257]
  6. Harry Levy [I258]
  7. Beatrice Levy [I177]
  8. Elias Levy [I180]


Married Wife Bella ? [I245]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage Private   Marriage of Levy, Joseph and ?, Bella

Marriage Beginning Status     Private

  1. Morton Levy [I246]

Source References

  1. 1900 United States Census [S0127]
  2. 1900 NY Census Soundex film, FHC #1246636, card for Levy, Jacob, soundex code L100. [S0024]
  3. 1910 US Census Levy family [S0128]


  1. Jacob Levy
    1. Tillie Jacobson
      1. Hyman Levy
      2. Joseph Levy
        1. Bella ?
          1. Morton Levy
      3. Sarah Levy
      4. Ethel Levy
      5. Samuel Levy
      6. Peter Levy
      7. Harry Levy
      8. Beatrice Levy
      9. Elias Levy