Email from William Berinstein, 4 October 2009

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Hi Art:

My name is William Berinstein, and my Grandmother's maiden name was Rae Hasterlik. Her half-sister, Jennie Hasterlik married Milton W. Stein, the son of Adolf and Emma (Freiler) Stein. I have been tracing the family history of the Stein-Freiler family, and I can help you with some additions and a few corrections on the Stein family.

Let me give you some infomation and , if you are interested, I will send you alot more. First, the family of Adolf Stein:

Adolf was born on September 27, 1853 in Bohemia (Chicago and Its Makers-Page 1011; Death Certificate; The Reform Advocate, January 30, 1909; and The Jews of Chicago, May 4, 1890 Page 398). Adolf married Emma Freiler on June 27, 1875 in Chicago.
Adolf died in Chicago on October 21, 1919 (I have the death certificate, obituary, and a copy of his will).

Adolf was the son of Simon Stein and his wife, Hannah Lederer. Simon was born on September 3, 1813 in Bohemia and died in Chicago on June 21, 1885. Hannah was born on July 12, 1823 in Bohemia and died in Chicago on October 10, 1915. They are buried in Jewish Graceland Cemetery>

Simon and Hannah were the parents of 8 children that I have been able to trace: Catherine, Ignatz, Charles, Charlotte, Adolf, Lizzie, Leopold and Gustav. Adolf was a member of the firm of Stein Bros., along with his brothers, Ignatz and Charles. If you want the information I have alot on the brothers and sisters of Adolf.

Adolf and Emma wer the parents of 10 children--Rose, Samuel A., Carrie, Benjamin F., L. Montefiore, S. Sidney, Irving F., Milton W., Lucille, and Ruth. Have alot of information on these members.

As for the Freiler family I have some additions for your records. Let me know if I can help you.



Hi Art:

I forgot to give you the information I had on Emma Freiler Stein--She was born on November 19, 1858 (and I am not sure of which city she was born in--I have reference for both New York City, and also Troy, New York). She died in Phoenix, Arizona on January 22, 1943.

Obituary: Chicago Tribune, January 24, 1943, Page A-8: Stein: Emma Freiler Stein in Phoenix, Arizona, beloved wife of the late Adolph; loving mother of Rose Loeb, Carrie Beck, Lucille Ullman, Ruth S. Kuh, Ben F., L. Montefiore, S.Sidney, Irving F., Milton W., and the late Samuel A. Stein; dear sister of Mrs. Hattie Herzog. Funeral Tuesday, January 26, at 1:00 P.M. at Rosehill Mausoleum. Please omit flowers. Information call Kenwood 0700.

Emma's parents' obituaries:

Chicago Tribune, August 8, 1884, Page 8: Josph Freiler, a saloon keeper, running a bar at the northeast corner of Lake and South Water, was found dead in a room over the saloon, the body sitting upright on a trunk at the foot of his bed. He was formerly of Elgin. The coroner's jury gave a verdict of death from diabetes.

Chicago Tribune, August 8, 1884, Page 8: Freiler: August 6, Joseph Freiler, age 52 years. Funeral at ten o'clck this morning from home of Adolph Stein, No. 306 West Congress Street to Welheim Cemetery.


Chicago, August 6, 1884

This is to certify, that I, N. B. Boyden, Coroner, in and for the County of Cook, State of Illinois, have viewed the body of Joseph Freiler found at 250 East Lake Street in the First Ward of said city and county; that I have held an inquest upon said body, and that the verdict of the jurors is that he came to his death from diabetities.

Name: Joseph Freiler Occupation: Liquor Dealer

Age: 52 years old Married or Single: Married

Sex: Male Place of Death: 250 East Lake Street

Nativity: Jewish Date of Death: August 6th, 1884

Color: White

Chicago Tribune, August 28, 1903, Page 9: Freiler: Marie J. Freiler, aged 76, August 27, 8:00 A.M., beloved mother of Mrs. Adolph Stein, Philip Freiler, Mrs. Frances L. Kohn, Moses J. Freiler, Mrs. Bernhard Stein, and Mrs. Nathan Herzog. Funeral services private Friday, August 28, sharp 2:00 P.M. from 369 Ashland Boulevard to Waldheim Cemetery. No flowers.



  1. Adolf Stein [I0531]
  2. Benjamin Franklin Stein [I0645]
  3. Carrie Stein [I0534]
  4. Catherine Stein [I0872]
  5. Charles Stein [I0874]
  6. Charlotte Stein [I0875]
  7. Emma Freiler [I0525]
  8. Gustav M. Stein [I0879]
  9. Hannah Lederer [I0871]
  10. Ignatz Stein [I0873]
  11. Irving Freiler Stein [I0537]
  12. Jacob Moritz Loeb [I0880]
  13. Joseph C. Beck [I0881]
  14. Leopold Stein [I0878]
  15. Lizzie Stein [I0877]
  16. L. Montefiore Stein [I0535]
  17. Lucille S. Stein [I0539]
  18. Milton W. Stein [I0538]
  19. Richard M. Kuh [I0883]
  20. Rose Stein [I0532]
  21. Ruth V. Stein [I0540]
  22. Samuel A. Stein [I0533]
  23. Samuel B. Ullman [I0882]
  24. Simeon Stein [I0870]
  25. S. Sidney Stein [I0536]