Ignatz Stein

Birth Name Ignatz Stein [1]
Gramps ID I0873
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth Unknown   Birth of Ignatz Stein

Occupation (Unknown)     Member of the firm Stein Bros.

Death Unknown   Death of Ignatz Stein



Father Simeon Stein [I0870]
Mother Hannah Lederer [I0871]
  1. Adolf Stein [I0531]
  2. Catherine Stein [I0872]
  3. Charles Stein [I0874]
  4. Charlotte Stein [I0875]
  5. Lizzie Stein [I0877]
  6. Leopold Stein [I0878]
  7. Gustav M. Stein [I0879]


Married Wife Regina Baumgarter [I0921]

Source References

  1. Email from William Berinstein, 4 October 2009 [S0351]


  1. Simeon Stein
    1. Hannah Lederer
      1. Adolf Stein
      2. Catherine Stein
      3. Ignatz Stein
        1. Regina Baumgarter
      4. Charles Stein
      5. Charlotte Stein
      6. Lizzie Stein
      7. Leopold Stein
      8. Gustav M. Stein