Sanford Joseph Herzog

Birth Name Sanford Joseph Herzog [1]
Gramps ID I150
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 11 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 5 February 1895 Chicago or Evanston, Illinois, USA Birth of Sanford Joseph Herzog

[2] [1]
Property 1933 Camp Strongheart, Minocqua, Oneida, Wisconsin Managed Camp Strongheart, Minocqua, Wisconsin

Residence 21 October 1952 Lake Tomahawk, Oneida, Wisconsin Residence of Amy Bernice Cowen

Death February 1975 Skokie, Illinois, USA Death of Sanford Joseph Herzog



Father Nathan Herzog [I148]
Mother Harriet Freiler [I149]
  1. Geraldine Margery Herzog [I101]


Married Wife Amy Bernice Cowen [I158]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1921 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Marriage of Herzog, Sanford and Cowan, Amy

  1. Sanford Cowen Herzog [I159]


Source References

  1. Written notes probably from Nancy Herzog, December 2001 [S0085]
  2. Marjorie Serby [S0003]
  3. Mrs. H. F. Herzog, Camp Strongheart Founder, Is Dead [S0158]


  1. Nathan Herzog
    1. Harriet Freiler
      1. Sanford Joseph Herzog
        1. Amy Bernice Cowen
          1. Sanford Cowen Herzog
      2. Geraldine Margery Herzog