Caroline Mabelle Strong

Birth Name Caroline Mabelle Strong
Also Known As Carrie Strong [1]
Gramps ID I071
Gender female
Age at Death 74 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1879 Rogers Park, Illinois Birth of Caroline Mabelle Strong

Death 1953 San Francisco area, California Death of Caroline Mabelle Strong

Medical Information     Edema



Father Henry James Strong [I068]
Mother Laura Mabelle Dunbar [I069]
  1. Warren Erastus Strong [I070]
  2. Laura Griffith Strong [I064]
  3. Mary Beatrice Strong [I072]
  4. Harry Dunbar Strong [I074]
  5. Lida Packard Strong [I073]


Married Husband Earl Crosman [I269]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 2 March 1901 Joliet, Illinois Marriage of Crosman, Earl and Strong, Caroline Mabelle

  1. William Strong Crosman [I271]
  2. Jean Marie Crosman [I272]


by Norm Robertson II, "Narrative Family History"

Carrie secretly married Earl Crosman in 1901 (see following newspaper story about Dix's elopement). They had two children, William Strong Crosman born in 1902. I do not know when he died, he had been out of contact with his mother and the family for some time by 1960. The other child was Jean Marie Crosman born in 1904. I think she died in the San Francisco area in the 1950s. She never married or had any children according to Dix with whom she corresponded.

Source References

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  1. Henry James Strong
    1. Laura Mabelle Dunbar
      1. Caroline Mabelle Strong
        1. Earl Crosman
          1. William Strong Crosman
          2. Jean Marie Crosman
      2. Warren Erastus Strong
      3. Laura Griffith Strong
      4. Mary Beatrice Strong
      5. Harry Dunbar Strong
      6. Lida Packard Strong