Grace Robertson

Birth Name Grace Robertson
Gramps ID I062
Gender female
Age at Death about 89 years, 4 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 1896 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Birth of Grace Robertson

[1] [2]
Residence about 1930 7450 Colfax, Chicago, Cook, Illinois Residence of Grace Robertson

Death about 1986 Homewood, Illinois Death of Grace Robertson



Father Rufus B. Robertson [I059]
Mother Lillian Theresa Fallon [I060]
  1. Edgar Robertson [I061]
  2. Norman Lewis Robertson [I056]


Married Husband James Lynch [I315]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage before 1921   Marriage of Lynch, James and Robertson, Grace

  1. Mary Virginia Lynch [I0545]

Source References

  1. Norman Lewis Robertson II, phone interview December 1995 [S0026]
  2. 1900 US Census Rufus Robertson family [S0247]
  3. Conversation with Norm Robertson II, 5 September 2008 [S0170]


  1. Rufus B. Robertson
    1. Lillian Theresa Fallon
      1. Edgar Robertson
      2. Grace Robertson
        1. James Lynch
          1. Mary Virginia Lynch
      3. Norman Lewis Robertson