George Scheuerman

Birth Name George Scheuerman
Gramps ID I187
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1860   Birth of George Scheuerman

Death UNKNOWN   Death of George Scheuerman



Father Louis George Scheuerman [I011]
Mother Francis Bernard [I013]
  1. Wilhelm Scheuerman [I189]
  2. Rosina Scheuerman [I188]
  3. Anna Maria Scheuerman [I190]
  4. Catharina Scheuerman [I191]
  5. John Adam Scheuerman [I192]
  6. Theresa Aloysia Scheuerman [I193]
  7. Victor Scheuerman [I194]
  8. Clemens Scheuerman [I195]
  9. Maria Magdalene Scheuerman [I196]
  10. Johanna Scheuerman [I197]
  11. Joseph Frederick Scheuerman [I119]
  12. Karolina Scheuerman [I198]

Source References

  1. Lorraine Zemon [S0014]


  1. Louis George Scheuerman
    1. Francis Bernard
      1. George Scheuerman
      2. Wilhelm Scheuerman
      3. Rosina Scheuerman
      4. Anna Maria Scheuerman
      5. Catharina Scheuerman
      6. John Adam Scheuerman
      7. Theresa Aloysia Scheuerman
      8. Victor Scheuerman
      9. Clemens Scheuerman
      10. Maria Magdalene Scheuerman
      11. Johanna Scheuerman
      12. Joseph Frederick Scheuerman
      13. Karolina Scheuerman