Edmond Winkler

Birth Name Edmond Winkler [1]
Gramps ID I020
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth UNKNOWN   Birth of Edmond Winkler

Death UNKNOWN   Death of Edmond Winkler



Father Frank Winkler [I205]
Mother Anna Mahr [I204]
  1. Anna Elmira Winkler [I124]
  2. Julian Winkler [I019]
  3. Laura Winkler [I021]
  4. Mamie Winkler [I022]
  5. Jessie Winkler [I024]
  6. Clara Winkler [I025]
  7. Francis Winkler [I355]


Bob Scheuerman: He was riding on top of a boxcar and he looked up to see where he was going... ride at the time that the train was aproaching a tunnel and he got killed.

Source References

  1. Interview with Bob & Lorraine, 24 August 1999 [S1749]


  1. Frank Winkler
    1. Anna Mahr
      1. Anna Elmira Winkler
      2. Julian Winkler
      3. Edmond Winkler
      4. Laura Winkler
      5. Mamie Winkler
      6. Jessie Winkler
      7. Clara Winkler
      8. Francis Winkler