“Zemon” search results in Suwalki Gubernia

Gramps ID S0102
Publication information http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~jripllat2


Used JewishGen.com to search for "zemon" in Lithuania. Got 54 index records from Suwalki Gubernia (government of the town of Suwalki). Suwalki is a town near the current (2008) border of Poland and Lithuania and not too far from Marijampol. The datafile with the index records is for the town of Mariampol and includes records of these types and years:


B = birth
M = marriage
D = death

Assuming that "ZYMAN" is the same as "ZEMON" and that "DAWID" is the same as "DAVID", we seem to have a good match with the father of Nathan and Jacob Zemon.

Nochim Wolf Zyman born 1859 also seems to be an excellent match for Nathan W. Zemon born "about 1859"

Alta Zyman born 1868 seems to be a good match for Ethel Zemon born of David's second marriage


  1. Chaja Rocha Zyman [I0457]
  2. Dawid Zyman [I414]
  3. Ethel Zemon [I0449]
  4. Nathan W. Zemon [I412]