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Hi Jule and Art:

Let me start with Adolf Stein, who was married to Emma Freiler--from "Chicago and Its Makers" by Paul Gilbert and Charles Lee Bryson (1929):


A city consists of buildings, of boulevards, of schools, of factories, but more than all these it consists of men, and it is the calibre of a town's citizenry more than anything else which determines its merits in the eyes of the world. It is for this reason that Chicago has every right to be proud of such sterling characters as Adolf Stein, for they it is who set the tone of the community and earn for Chicago the fine repute which it so justly enjoys. All those who knew Adolf Stein -- and their name is legion -- appreciated the integrity of his character, the whole-hearted genuineness of the man. One has but to look at his photograph on this page to see written on his countenance the kindliness, the frankness, the straightforwardness which he maifested in every act of his life.

Adolf Stein was born in Bohemia Austria, on September 27, 1853, the son of Simeon Stein, merchant, and Hannah Lederer Stein. He attended the small town school until his thirteenth years of age when he was obliged to go to work. Although unable to enjoy the advantages of a high school education or a collegiate course, he nevertheless furthered his cultural training by reading and taking business training at home. His first employment was as distiller and rectifier.

After having finished his brief schooling Mr. Stein came to Chicago in the year of 1867 where he became employed by an uncle named Joseph Stein, working for his room and board. When he was eighteen years old he left the employ of his uncle and went into business for himself. In 1874 Mr. Stein was married to Miss Emma Freiler, daughter of Joseph Freiler and Maria Bachrach Freiler. Ten children were born to them, namely, Sam A., Benjamin F., S. Sidney, L. Montefiore, Irving F., Milton W. Rose, Carrie, Lucille, and Ruth.

Mr. Stein's business interest were several in number: He is President of Stein Bros.,Inc., Vice-President of Art Wall Paper Mills, Vice-President of Calumet Distilling Company, and Vice-President of Monarch Brewing Company.

Throughout his entire business career Mr. Stein was respected by everyone who had the privilege of dealing with him for his rigid scrupulousness and firm adherence to the heighest standards of commercial enterprise. Mr. Stein was much devoted to the traditions and activities of his race, being affiliated with the Zion Congregation (Jewish) of which he was Director and Treasurer for many years. He was also fond of religious books having read a great deal along that line. Mr. Stein was also an ardent equestrian, riding and driving being his favorate recreations and he always kept fine horses. He was exceedingly conscientious in the matter of keeping up to date on civic problems, being at all times well posted on matters political. He was an adherent of the Republican Party.

Mr. Stein was an acknowledged leader in his line of business, being frequently sought out by his collegues for information. He belonged to the Standard Club, to the Lakeside Club, to the Illinois Athletic Club, B'Nai B'Rith, Chicago Lodge, and A.F.& A.M. He was a generous contributor to the Associated Jewish Charities and also made numerous donations to private institutions and to deserving indivisuals.

Among the early friends of Mr. Stein were Judge Adolf Kraus, Levy Mayer, and William Taussig. He was widely travelled in the United States, but, curiously enough, he never left this country after his arrival here in 1867.

Mr. Stein died in 1919 at the age of sixty-six. He is survived by his widow and children, among the latter of whom are Benjamin and Montefiore Stein of Stein, Alstrin & Company, prominent LaSalle Street Stock and Bond conern. In his children and in his memory he leaves behind him Mr. Stein remains a string and beneficent influence.

The Reform Advocate (May 4, 1901): JEWS OF CHICAGO

ADOLF STEN: Mr. Stein is a native of Bohemia where he was born September 27, 1853. He received his education abraod and came to America in 1869, since which time he has been largely engaged in the liquor business. He is Treasurer of Zion Congregation and a contributor to the Associated Charities. Mr. Stein is an Ex-Preisdent of the West Chicago Club and is well and favorably known. He is married to Emma Freiler and ten children have blessed the union.

The Reform Advocate (January 30, 1909):


Mr. Adolf Stein is a native of Bohemia, where he was born September 27, 1853. He came to America in 1869, and for many years has been associated with his brothers in the liquor business. The Stein Brothers have built up a large trade and are recognized as one of the leading firms in their line. Mr. Stein has always taken an active interest in congregational affairs and has been Treasurer of Zion Congregation, of which he is still a member. He is married to Miss Emma Freiler, and their family now consists of ten chilren.

Chicago Tribune (October 22, 1919, Page 19): STEIN: Adolph Stein, October 21, beloved husband of Emma F. Stein, loving father of Ruth Loeb, Carrie Beck, Lucille Ullman, Sam A., Ben F., S. Sidney, L. Monte, Irving F., Milton W., and Ruth V. Stein. Funeral Thursday. Strickly private. Friend pleaseomit flowers.

Chicago Tribune (January 24, 1943, Page A-8): STEIN: Emma Freiler Stein in Phoenix, Arizona; beloved wife of the late Adolph; loving mother of Rose Loeb, Carrie Beck, Lucille Ullman, Ruth S. Kuh, Ben ., L. Monyefiore, S. Sidney, Irving F., Milton W., and the late Samuel A. Stein; dear sister of Mrs. Hattie Herzoz. Funral Tuesday, January 26, at 1:00 P.M. at Rosehill Mausoleum. Please omit flowers. For information call Kenwood 0700.

Notes: Adolf Stein and Emma Freiler were married in Chicago on June 27, 1875. Also I have the birth date of Emma Freiler as November 19, 1858 in one of two cities (New York City or Troy, New York). Emma passed away in Pheonix, Arizona on November 19, 1943.

Children of Adolf and Emma:

1. Rose Stein, born April 2, 1876 in Chicago, and died in Chicago on October 6, 1952. She was married on June 1, 1897 to Jacob M. Loeb. Jacob M. Loeb was born in Chicago on September 17, 1875 and died in Chicago on February 17, 1944. From this union they had 5 children--Mildred Loeb, Caroline Loeb, Hamilton Loeb, Mary Jane Loeb, and John Jacob Loeb. Jacob M. Loeb and Ruth

separated but never divorced. Jacob M. Loeb was a very successful insurance man head of Eliel & Loeb Company, Insurance.

Side Note: Jacob M. Loeb's nephew was Richard Loeb of Loeb-Leopold Fame; and Jacob was the family spokesman during the trial as his brother Albert was too sick during the trial.

2. Samuel A. Stein, born October 23, 1878 in Chicago and died in Antigo, Wisconsin on October 13, 1923 (he was on a hunting trip, and while climbing into a boat, the rife went off, killing him). He was married on March 26, 1916 to Louise Kuppenheimer. Louise was born in Chicago on December 21, 1888, and diedin Winnetka on May 29, 1978. From this union they had two children--Margaret Stein and John Sein. Samuel Stein was the head of Wormser Hat Stores. His wife Louise was the daughter of Jonas Kuppenheimer, head of B. Kuppenheimer & Co., manufacturers of clothing. After Samuel was killed, Louise was married to Benjamin F. Goldstein and then to Leo Greenwald.

3. Carrie Stein, born April 13, 1879 in Chicago and died on January 6, 1949 in Garden Grove, California. She was married on March 26, 1899 in Chicago to Dr. Joseph C. Beck. Dr. Beck was born in Prague, Bohemia on September 26, 1870, and died in Chicago on October 20, 1942. From this union they had three children--Elsa Beck, Philip Beck and Joseph Beck Jr. Carrie and Joseph Beck were divorced in Janaury 1927. Carrie never remarried. Joseph C. Beck was a specialist in ophtalmology and oto-laryngology. Joseph Beck remarried on January 22, 1927 in Chicago to Trennis C. Tendell (born August 24, 1875 in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania and died in Chicago on August 23, 1968).

4. Benjamin Franklin Stein, born December 3, 1880 in Chicago, and died August 16, 1948 in Dwight, Illinois (he was killed in an automobile accident). He was married on November 13, 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Duffie W. Freiberg. Duffie was born September 7, 1893 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died in Highland Park, Illinois on February 22, 1975. From this union they had three children--Martha Ann Stein, Benjamin F. Stein, Jr. and Andrew M. Stein. Benjmin F. Stein and L. Monefiore Stein were stock and bond brokers in the firm of Stein, Alstrin & Co.

5. L. Montefiore Stein, born May 1, 1884 in Chicago, and died in Chicago on June 6, 1956. He was married on November 17, 1913 in Chicago to Florence Eisendrath (niece of Julius Rosenwald). Florence was born in Chicago on January 23, 1892, and died in Los Angeles, California on August 15, 1968. From this union they had tow sons (twins)--Richard Stein and Frederick Stein. L. Montefiore and Florence were divorced in November 1934. L. Montefiore never remarried.

6. S. Sidney Stein, born in Chicago on March 7, 1886, and died in Evanston, Illinois on October 29, 1945. He was married on February 16, 1914 in St. Louis, Missouri to Josephine Harris. Josephine was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 23, 1890, and died in Highland Park, Illinois on June 10, 1955. From this union they had three children--Bennett Stein, Elizabeth Stein and Donald Stein. S. Sidney Stein was an attorney with the law firm of Moses, Kennedy, Stein & Bachrach.

7. Irving Freiler Stein, born in Chicago on September 19, 1887, and died in Glencoe, Illinois on Ocober 11, 1976. He was married on February 20, 1915 in Chicago to Lucille Oberfelder. Lucille was born in Omaha, Nebraska in November 1889, and died in Chicago on August 7, 1940. From this union theyhad two children--Eleanor H. Sein and Irving F. Stein, Jr. After Lucille died, Irving F. Stein married on September 3, 1954 in Chicago to Ruth Weinberger Steif. Ruth was born in Kansas City, Missouri on September 12, 1901, and died in Glencoe, Illinois on June 2, 1990. Irving F. Stein was a physican, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

8. Milton W. Stein, born in Chicago on April 24, 1889, and died in Chicago on October 31, 1981. He was married on June 22, 1921 in Chicago to Jennie Hasterlik (my great-aunt). Jennie was born in Chicago on August 12, 1901 and died in Chicago on June 18, 1994. From this union they had two children--Thomas A. Stein and Milton W. Stein, Jr. Milton W. Stein was associated with his brothers L. Montefiore and Benjamin, as a stock and bond broker.

9. Lucille Stein, born in Chicago on September 29, 1891, and died in Glencoe, Illinois on Juy 11, 1986. She was married on September 6, 1915 to Samuel B. Ullman. Samuel was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on May 16, 1879, and died in Chicago on July 31, 1952. From this union they had four children--Frederick Ullman, Jack Ullman, Thomas Ullman and Peter Ullman. Samuel Ullman

was associated with L. Montefiore and Benjamin Stein in the stock and bond brokerage business.

10. Ruth Stein, born in Chicago on May 8, 1898, and died in January 11, 1996 in Northbrook, Illinois. She was married in Chicago on November 23, 1923 to Richard M. Kuh. Richard was born in Chicago on May 1, 1895, and died in Chicago on January 26, 1964. From this union they had three children--Michael Kuh, Helen Kuh, and Frederick Kuh. Richard Kuh also becme a stock and bond broker with L. Montefiore and Benjamin Stein.

The family of Simeon Stein and Hannah Lederer Stein:

1. Catherine Stein-Emmanuel Redlich

2. Ignatz Stein-Regina Baumgarter

3. Charles Stein-Rose Simon

4. Charlotte Stein-Leopold Sonnenschein

5. Adolf Stein-Emma Freiler

6. Lizzie Stein-Adolph L. Kraus

7. Leopold Stein

8. Gustav M. Stein-Augusta Dittman

In your e-mail you asked about Frances L. Freiler and Louis Kohn. Frances and Louis were marred on June 18, 1884 in Chicago.

Frances was born in February 1862, and died in Chicago on December 14, 1934. Louis died in Chicago on October 4, 1984.

They had two children--Joseph L. Kohn and Clairce M. Kohn.

1. Joseph was born in Chicago in July 1885, and died in Chicago on May 1, 1909.

2. Clairce was born in Chicago April 1889, and died in Chicago on March 12, 1951. She was married twice--first time to a man named Nordahl, and then to Saloman Louis Van Gelder. From the first marriage she had a daughter, Iris J. Nordahl. Iris was married on April 26, 1930 to Paul A. Dreas (born Janaury 30, 1906 in Chicago and died on February 16, 1989).

From the marriage to Saloman she had four children--Louis L. Van Gelder, Dorothy E. Van Gelder, Gerson J. Van Gelder, and Irwin M. Van Gelder. I have some notes that Louis Van Gelder was born circ. 1917 and died circ. 1970; Doeothy was born September 28, 1918 and married Richard Mellor (three chidren--Richard, Douglas and Katherine); Gerson married on February 27, 1943 to Evelyn Susmarski (two children--Bruce and Brian); and irwin was born June 7, 1922 anddied April 1978. He was married to Doris May Olson (four children--Scott, Barbara, Kimberly, and Gary). Saloman Van Gelder died on October 7, 1935 in Chicago.


Chicago Tribune (December 16, 1934, Page 22): KOHN: Frances Freiler Kohn, beloved mother of Clarice Van Gelder, sister of Emma Stein and Harriet Herzog. Services st chapel 936 East 47th Street 2:00 P.M. Monday. Burial at Free Sons, Waldheim.

Chicago Tribune (October 6, 1894, Page 6): KOHN: Louis Kohn, husband of Frances L. Kohn. Funeral from residence of Julius Kohn, 1529 Lill Avenue, to Waldheim Sunday, October 7, a 10:30 A.M.

Chicago Tribune (May 3, 1909, Page 15): KOHN: Joseph L. Kohn, age 24, 1329 Jackson Bouevard, son of Mrs. Frances Kohn and brother of Clarice. Funeral from McRae's chapel at 1:30 P.M. Monday. Free Son's Lot, Waldheim Cemetery.

Chicago Tribune (Mach 14, 1951, Page A-9): VAN GELDER: Clarise M. Van Gelder of2939 North Damen Avenue, Chicago, dear moter of Iris Nordahl, Louis, Dorothy Mellor, Gerson, and Irwyn, grandmother of four. Funeral Thursday, March 15, 2:00 P.M. at chapel, 5128-5130 West 25th Street, Cicero. Interment Free Sons. Olympic 2-0080.

I will close now, and let you go over the material.



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