Ester ?

Birth Name Ester ? [1a]
Gramps ID I382
Gender female
Age at Death about 67 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1833 Russia Birth of Ester ?

Death before 1900   Death of Ester ?



Married Husband Abraham Serby [I381]
  1. William B. Serby [I387]
  2. Louis A. Serby [I126]


The family first appears in the Syracuse City Directory 1886-1887, listed as follows on page 408:
Serbe Esther, widow Abraham, bds. 27 Monroe
Serbe Louis, peddler, bds. 27 Monroe
Serbe William, peddler, h. 27 Monroe

Source References

  1. Syracuse City Directory, 1894-1896 [S1766]
      • Page: page 905
      • Source text:

        Serby Ester, wid. Abram, bds. 813 Orange


    1. Ester ?
      1. Abraham Serby
        1. William B. Serby
        2. Louis A. Serby