Abraham Serby

Birth Name Abraham Serby [1a]
Gramps ID I381
Gender male
Age at Death about 60 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1833 Russia Birth of Abraham Serby

Death before 1893   Death of Abraham Serby



Married Wife Ester ? [I382]
  1. William B. Serby [I387]
  2. Louis A. Serby [I126]


The family first appears in the Syracuse City Directory 1886-1887, listed as follows on page 408:
Serbe Esther, widow Abraham, bds. 27 Monroe
Serbe Louis, peddler, bds. 27 Monroe
Serbe William, peddler, h. 27 Monroe

Source References

  1. Syracuse City Directory, 1894-1896 [S1766]
      • Page: page 905
      • Source text:

        Serby Ester, wid. Abram, bds. 813 Orange

  2. Syracuse City Directory, 1893-1894 [S1765]
      • Page: page 736
      • Source text:

        Serby Ester, wid Abram, bds. 813 Orange


    1. Abraham Serby
      1. Ester ?
        1. William B. Serby
        2. Louis A. Serby