John M. Sickle

Birth Name John M. Sickle [1] [2a]
Also Known As Jeff Sickle [3a] [1]
Gramps ID I422
Gender male
Age at Death 16 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1957   Birth of John M. Sickle

Death 1973   Death of John M. Sickle

Cause Of Death     Killed by a lumber truck while on a bike trip in either Oregon or Washington



Father John Gutmann Sickle [I037]
Mother Valerie Singer [I419]
  1. Peter R. Sickle [I423]
  2. David B. Sickle [I424]
  3. Jill Sickle [I052]
  4. William Sickle [I427]
  5. Andrew Sickle [I428]

Source References

  1. Email from Peter Sickle, 5 Aug. 2002 [S0090]
  2. Zemon recreated.ftw [S4829]
      • Source text:

        Date of Import: 14 Sep 2002

  3. Letter from Nancy Herzog to Art Zemon, 5 Jan 2002 [S0086]
      • Source Reference Note:

        Nancy referred to him as "Jeff Sickle" in this letter.


  1. John Gutmann Sickle
    1. Valerie Singer
      1. John M. Sickle
      2. Peter R. Sickle
      3. David B. Sickle
      4. Jill Sickle
      5. William Sickle
      6. Andrew Sickle