Lavinia Warren

Birth Name Lavinia Warren
Gramps ID I302
Gender female
Age at Death 73 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1845   Birth of Lavinia Warren

Death 1918   Death of Lavinia Warren



Father Oliver Warren [I282]
Mother Lavinia Leonard [I283]
  1. Mary Warren [I267]


Married Husband Charles Sherwood Stratton [I303]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1863 Grace Church, New York Marriage of Stratton, Charles Sherwood and Warren, Lavinia

Marriage fact 1883   Marriage fact of Charles Sherwood Stratton and Lavinia Warren

Marriage Ending Status     Death of one spouse



from "Family History", Norman Lewis Robertson II

I do not know whose child she was (probably Lavinia Leonard Warren) but Lavinia Warren was the wife of General Tom Thumb (whose real name was Charles Sherwood Stratton), a dwarf with P.T. Barnum who was 34 inches tall and she was only 32 inches. They were married in Grace Church in New York in 1963. He died at age 45 and she lived to be 77. (1838-83) and (1845-1918).

Source References

  1. “Family History”, Norman Lewis Robertson II [S0007]


  1. Oliver Warren
    1. Lavinia Leonard
      1. Mary Warren
      2. Lavinia Warren
        1. Charles Sherwood Stratton