Paul Plimpton

Birth Name Paul Plimpton
Gramps ID I304
Gender male
Age at Death about 67 years, 7 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1881 Buchanan, Michigan Birth of Paul Plimpton

[1] [2]
Occupation estimated from 1915 to 1939   Sales for then owner of F. T. Plimpton Co.


F. T. Plimpton Co. was located in the Furniture Mart, 666 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Lester Maddox owned Boone Kitchen Cabinets, based in Lebanon, Indiana. Paul Plimpton (owned F. T. Plimpton) was driving in the 1920s (though there were few roads) selling Boone cabinets to retailers.

F. T. Plimpton existed from about 1895 to about 1939

Residence from 1934 to 1937 7450 Colfax, Chicago, Cook, Illinois Residence of Norman Lewis Robertson II

Death 8 January 1948 Maywood, Illinois Death of Paul Plimpton

[1] [4]


Father Frederick T. Plimpton [I305]
  1. Florence Plimpton [I306]
  2. Louise Plimpton [I308]
  3. Hamilton J. Plimpton [I310]


Married Wife Laura Griffith Strong [I064]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 14 May 1922 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Marriage of Plimpton, Paul and Strong, Laura Griffith

[5] [4]
Marriage fact   Presbyterian Church, 64th and Kimbark Ave. Marriage fact of Paul Plimpton and Laura Griffith Strong

Divorce Unknown   Divorce of Paul Plimpton and Laura Griffith Strong



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  1. Frederick T. Plimpton
    1. Paul Plimpton
      1. Laura Griffith Strong
    2. Florence Plimpton
    3. Louise Plimpton
    4. Hamilton J. Plimpton