James McConnell

Birth Name James McConnell
Gramps ID I1001
Gender male
Age at Death about 35 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1811 Ohio Birth of James McConnell

Death before 1846 Wisconsin Death of James McConnell



Father David McConnel [I0999]
Mother Catherine Hineman [I1000]
  1. William McConnell [I1009]
  2. Mary McConnell [I1010]
  3. David McConnell [I1011]
  4. James McConnell [I1012]
  5. Sarah Jane McConnell [I1013]
  6. Philip McConnell [I0998]

Source References

  1. Aaron Kneavel’s Ancestry.com tree [S0393]


  1. David McConnel
    1. Catherine Hineman
      1. James McConnell
      2. William McConnell
      3. Mary McConnell
      4. David McConnell
      5. James McConnell
      6. Sarah Jane McConnell
      7. Philip McConnell