William Larkin Beattie

Birth Name William Larkin Beattie [1] [2]
Gramps ID I063
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 4 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 23 June 1882 Lockport, Illinois Birth of William Larkin Beattie

Birth 23 June 1892 Freeport, Illinois Birth of William Larkin Beattie

Event Note

Death certificate was filled out by a nurse who may have gotten his birth year wrong

Residence (Unknown) about 1885 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Residence of David Beattie

Residence (Unknown) from 1910 to 1912 Kansas City Residence of Laura Griffith Strong

Residence 1912 Woodlawn neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois Residence of William Larkin Beattie

Death 13 November 1950 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Death of William Larkin Beattie



Father David Beattie [I080]
Mother Mary Anne Larkin [I278]
  1. James Francis Beattie [I279]


Married Wife Laura Griffith Strong [I064]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage August 1901 Mattoon, Illinois Marriage of Beattie, William Larkin and Strong, Laura Griffith

[3] [4] [2]
Marriage 12 December 1901 Morgan Park, Illinois publicly re-married in Dixie's Episcopal church

Divorce about 1913   Divorce of William Larkin Beattie and Laura Griffith Strong

  1. Mary Catherine Beattie [I057]



"Family History", Norman Lewis Robertson II places William's death in Chicago 195?.

Source References

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  1. David Beattie
    1. Mary Anne Larkin
      1. William Larkin Beattie
        1. Laura Griffith Strong
          1. Mary Catherine Beattie
      2. James Francis Beattie