Email from Richard Livingston, 28 June 2009

Gramps ID S0342



I am not completely sure if this is a Livingston family photo or a Freiler family photo or a blend, or ???

Sigmund Livingston is in the back row, 1st person on the left.

Hilda Freiler Livingston is in the front row, 2nd person from the left.

Comparing to the other Freiler family photos, I believe the woman on the front row, left and front row right are Hilda’s sisters, and the older woman with the glasses in the center could be Phil’s wife Lizzy, but I am not positive about any of these. Clearly the woman next to Hilda certainly looks like she would be her sister!

Great photo though if I could identify the rest! If you have any other Freiler decendent photos, perhaps you can compare and identify!



  1. Livingston Freiler family photo post 1918 or 1919 [O0504]