Email from Dorr St. Clair, 29 September 2008

Gramps ID S0260


I was a bit more involved in the Herzog line a few years ago, while plowing through the Herzog attic in an attempt to purge when they had to move to the condo and found that Nathan Herzog owned 1.)a Cigar Store (?),
2.) a dress manufacturing business (Herzog Dress Company?) that made house dresses for Sears and probably shut its doors for good due to debilitating worker's strikes that plagued the business, and 3.) a cinema marquis-type sign company (Lu-mi-nous) in Chicago before he started the boys' camp at Strongheart in WI from papers I pulled from the attic boxes. I have a very artsy photograph of the sign business workshop. I also found Nathan's passport to Cuba in 1918, signed by the US Secretary of State, and I think it was to buy a patent for a movable lettering system that they used on theater marquis.

I knew that Nathan's family lived in Evanston and wondered why Sandy had photos of his grandmother in the middle of the then-new campus at Northwestern University in 1904 (I recognized my alma matter) An Evanston librarian suggested that I look up their number in the phone book (phone book?) to find the address. I found that their house was in the middle of the Northwestern part of town, a block from the new campus and that the cow pasture for the family Bessie was where our tennis courts now stand. (Why would a Jewish family buy a house surrounded by a Christian university? -now that's assimilated). The phone book also listed Nathan's business address in Chicago. Pretty neat huh? There was a lot of paperwork in the Herzog attic, and I am still plowing through it all carefully because among the old insurance forms I have found great photos and personal documents. Also, what I need to do is figure out approx. dates for the photos I have to make for a better timeline flow.

My goal is to organize photos from the early Daguerreotypes to Kodak shots (easy to do, but you might have to wait longer for my own snaps) and get as much family memorabilia together for safekeeping and sharing. Then I will try to make copies of all the Herzog folks' pics that pertain to your side of the family. My hope is that you will still be interested in this genealogy stuff for a few years and that we can build up a pretty good collection.

I know this is not from your direct family line, but here's something that I may have shared with you earlier. I better had get it in print anyway....... From Sandy Herzog to me in the 1990s - in my World Atlas:

Sandy's mother's father, Emil Cowen, was born in Birmingham, England. Lived in Germany or Austria. Came to the US through Galveston (?) via the Navasota River to Navasota, Texas. He was a salesman. Emil married Rose Greenwald and moved to Chicago. They lived at 48 (not sure of the number) Prairie (Street? Avenue?) in Chicago. I have the 1800s citizenship papers of a Greenwald family member that came from the attic boxes.


  1. Emil Cowen [I0431]
  2. Nathan Herzog [I148]