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You asked about the Loeb-Leopold connecton to our family history:

1. My Mother's sister, Jane Newhouse, was married to Norvin H. Franks, the first cousin of Bobby Franks, the young boy murdered by Loeb and Leopold. Norvin was the son of Harry Franks, the brother of Jacob Franks.

2. My Grandfather, Henry L. Newhouse, the architect, designed the house that the Jacob Franks family lived in. It was built in 1910, located at 5052 South Ellis Avenue. If you go on Google, under Jacob Franks, you can see a photograph of the house.

3. My Grandfather also did some work for Albert Loeb in 1901 for his house at 397 East 50th Street.

4. The family of Albert H. Loeb: There were four sons of Moritz Loeb (born April 13, 1840 in Bechteim, Rhineland-Pfalz and died in Chicago on April 10, 1892) and his wife, Johanna Unna (born May 25, 1844 in Rensburg, Schleswig-Holstein and died in Chicago on October 22, 1917)--They were married on October 28, 1863 in Chicago, Illinois--

a. Sidney Loeb Mae Walters No Children of this Union
b. July 26, 1864 -m- b. July 22, 1875
Rockford, Illinois February 1, 1924 Chicago, Illinois
d, August 15, 1934 Chicago, Illinois d. January 6, 1935
Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

b. Julius Loeb Emma Mergentheim 3 Children of this Union
b May 1, 1866 -m- b. June 5, 1868 Carrol Loeb
Rockford, Illinois May 27, 1890 New York, New York Alice Loeb
d. May 1, 1949 Chicago, Illinos d. December 26, 1928 Moritz Loeb
Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

c. Albert H. Loeb Anna Bohen 4 Children of this Union
b. February 18, 1868 -m- b. February 18, 1874 Allan M. Loeb
Rockford, Illinois April 26, 1894 Chicago, Illinois Ernest G. Loeb
d. June 27, 1924 Chicago, Illinois d. January 23, 1950 Richard A. Loeb
Chicago, Illinois Charlevoix, Michigan Thomas H. Loeb

d. Jacob Moritz Loeb Rose Stein 4 Children of this Union
b. September 17, 1875 -m- b. April 22, 1876 Mildred C. Loeb
Chicago, Illinois June 1, 1897 Chicago, Illinois Hamilton M. Loeb
d. February 17, 1944 Chicago, Illinois d. October 6, 1952 Mary Jane Loeb
Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois John J. Loeb

5. Jacob Moritz Loeb and my Grandfather graduated from North Division High School in Chicago in the class of 1890. If you look on the 1900 Census report you will find that Jacob Loeb rented an apartment from Leopold Newhouse, my great grandfather. Both Leopold, his wife, Anna, and Henry L. Newhouse, and his wife, Rae, lived at 4630 Prairie Avenue at the same time.

6. Alice Loeb, the daughter of Julius Loeb, was married on July 20, 1923 to Walter Bachrach. Walter and his brother, Benjamin Bachrach, were co-counsel with Clarence Darrow in the defense of Loeb and Leopold.

7. Who's Who in Chicago (1917 Edition):
LOEB, ALBERT HENRY: Vice President and Treasurer, Sears, Roebuck & Company. Born Rockford, Illinois, February 18, 1868; son of Moriz and Johanna (Unna) Loeb. Educated public schools, Chicago High Schools and John Hopkins University (Classical and Economic Course to 1887). Married Chiago, April 26, 1894, Anna Bohen. Children: Allan M., Ernest G., Richard A. and Thomas H. After leaving school taught in public evening schools in Chicago, at same time studying law; admitted to Illinois Bar 1889, and practiced law in firm of Loeb & Adler until 1901, when became Secretary of Sears, Roebuck & Co. of which has been Vice President and Treasurer since 1908. Clubs: Union League, Standard, Ravisloe, Lake Shore Country. Recreatios: Books Golf, Chess. Hoe: 5017 Ellis Avenue. Office: 925 South Homan Avenue.

8. Chicago Tribune, October 13, 1910, Page 10:


Architect H. L Newhouse is preparing plans for a residence for Jacob Franks to be erected at Fifty-First Street and Ellis Avenue. It will be two and a half stories, of brick and stone, and will cost $ 50,000.

9. Chicago Tribune, December 25, 1910, Page 8:


ELLIS AVENUE: Record has been made of the conveyance by Albert H. Loeb to Jacob Franks of the property at the northwest corner of Ellis Avenue and Hyde Park Boulevard, fronting 70 feet with a depth of 200 feet. Mr. Franks now is erecting upon the property a handsome residence after plans by Architect Henry L. Newhouse, which will cost about $ 60,000.



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